Search Engine Submission

So you finally got that great domain name you always wanted. Your site is built and it looks great, yet no one is hitting your site. A recent study has shown that 90% of traffic to websites are derived from Internet users doing a search on a search engine.

Lets say you wanted to find some information on web hosting companies. Most people would go to a search engine site like yahoo or google and type in "web hosting" or "site hosting" in the search area. They would get an extensive list of sites that are related to web site hosting. Now you are probably asking yourself, since my site is about fishing lures, how do I get my site to be listed when someone searches for "fishing lures?" The answer is, you have to submit your site to the specific search engine, and thats where we come in.

Domain Registry of America now offers Internet Search Engine Submissions. For as low as $40/year* we will submit your site every three months to all the major search engines including but not limited to:

Have peace of mind knowing that your website can be found on all major search engines by your friends and potential customers. We make the entire process easier and more cost effective than doing it yourself.


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